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Rubcon.com make your experience as fun and safe as possible and we have created this help parents understand how to protect children from inappropriate online material.

First step to protect you family is to instar parentel kontrol software on you computer. The well known are CyberPatrol, net nanny, safety surf,

The parentel kontrol works by blocking Access to specific websites and online content witch is not optimal for childrens or have a explicit metrial. Lot of parentel kontrol software have update list of blocked websites and protect childrens to visit this websites.

Another software works is to block sites based on key words, such as „sex“ „bondage“ „alkohol, drogs, tabacco or rasism“ etc

some of the programs can also block personal informatik, such as name, adress, phone from being sent from your computer. This is an excedent way to protect children from potential online predators.

Some key general Internet-related safety points for your children:

Tell them to never give out personal information about themselves or the family to strangers they might meet online or in a chat room.

Remind them that online it's easy for people to pretend to be someone else. They can easily change their name, age and gender in an effort to get close to children.

Teach them that they should never meet a new online friend without an adult present.

Tell them to never give out their picture to a stranger, and that if they ever get a picture with sexual content, or something they find disturbing, that they should get off the computer immediately and tell you about it.

Let them know that if they encounter something or someone dangerous that they can tell you about it, and that you won't blame them or get mad.

Here are some sites where you can get parental control software:

Safety Surf

Good Internet safety information sites for both kids and adults are:



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